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When to Resole Your Cowboy Boots

When it comes to reviving your favorite pair of boots, you may think that the only option is buying a new pair. However, with a bit of skill and some TLC, you can restore your boots so they look brand new again. Resoling your cowboy boots is an affordable way to extend their life by several more years. If you’re thinking about resoling your cowboy boots, this guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. From cost and materials to different types of sole options, this article covers everything you need to know about resoling your cowboy boots.

What Does Resoling Mean?

Resoling is the process of taking apart a shoe, such as a cowboy boot, and replacing its sole. Resoling your cowboy boots is not just a matter of taking them to a shoe repair shop and asking for new soles. You’ll need to remove the existing soles and replace them with new ones that are compatible with the rest of the boot. The process of resoling cowboy boots can be a little tricky, so you’ll likely need the help of a cobbler or a knowledgeable friend to help you through it. A cobbler is a person who specializes in repairing or making shoes, such as cowboy boots. If you’re looking to resole your cowboy boots, it’s best to find a cobbler near you that specializes in cowboy boots.

Why Resole Your Boots?

Cowboy boots are a big investment, so you’ll likely want to get as much use out of them as possible. Even if your favorite pair of boots are beyond repair, resoling them may be an option for extending their life. Resoling cowboy boots is a great way to extend their life and save money. When you resole your cowboy boots, you can repair them so they look practically new again. Not only does this extend the life of your favorite boots, but it also saves you money. Cowboy boots are an investment, so it’s important to maintain them. Resoling cowboy boots is a cost-effective way to extend their life and keep them in great condition.

How to Resole Your Boots

If you’ve decided to have your boots resoled, you’ll need to find a cobbler near you that offers resoling services. You may even have a cobbler in your area that specializes in cowboy boots. If you don’t know where to start, you can try searching online or ask friends and family if they know of a reputable cobbler in your area. When you take your boots to the cobbler, they will likely ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you would like done. They may ask you if you would like to change the color of the boots, and they may ask how much wear and tear they have on them. If you want to change the color of your boot, you can choose from a variety of colors. If you want to keep the same color, you can ask to have the boot resoled with a darker or lighter color.

Best Shoe Repair Tools

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll need the right equipment to successfully resole cowboy boots. You will likely have to disassemble the boots in order to remove the old sole and replace it with a new one. The following are some useful tools and supplies that you will need for resoling cowboy boots. - Sharp Scissors - While you can always use regular scissors, having a sharp pair of fabric scissors on hand makes cutting easier and cleaner. - Pliers - Pliers are handy for removing nails, staples, and other sharp objects that you don’t want to risk cutting yourself on. - Utility Knife - You will need a utility knife to remove the old sole from your boots. It’s best to choose a utility knife with a retractable blade so you can cut cleanly without nicking or scratching your boots. - Safety Equipment - While resoling cowboy boots doesn’t necessarily have dangerous elements, it’s best to be safe. Safety goggles and gloves will help protect your eyes and hands from harmful materials. - Rubber Sole - When you take the old sole off your boots, you will notice a layer of cork underneath. You will need to replace this with a rubber sole to make the boots wearable again. - Rubber Cement - You will need rubber cement to put the new rubber sole on your boots. This cement is safe to use on your boots and will help keep the sole in place.

When Should You Resole?

While it’s ideal to resole your cowboy boots at the first sign of wear, it’s also important to consider how often you wear them. If you only wear your boots a few times a year, you may get more wear out of them by replacing the soles. However, if you wear your boots frequently, you may want to consider having the entire boot resoled instead of just the soles. There are a few ways you can tell if your cowboy boots need resoling. If your boots are worn down on the toes, you should consider having them resoled. If the seams of your boots are coming apart, or if you have visible tears in the top of your boots, you may also want to have them resewn and resoled. If your boots have a lot of wear and tear on the soles, they may be ready for replacement.

Deciding on a New Sole

Once you’ve removed the old sole from your boots and replaced it with a rubber sole, you’ll need to decide on a new sole option. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to the type of sole you want for your new boot soles. Let’s take a look at the different sole options for cowboy boots. - Plain Leather Soles - Plain leather soles are the classic choice for cowboy boots. This option is great if you want your boots to look like new again. Plain leather soles are flexible and durable. - Leather Wrapped Soles - If you want something a bit more stylish, you can opt for leather wrapped soles. These soles feature a plain leather upper portion with a decorative pattern on the heel. - Mink Soles - Mink soles are an eco-friendly option that are suitable for both casual and formal attire. Mink soles are made from synthetic materials and can be used as an alternative to plain leather. - Rubber Vibram Soles - Rubber Vibram soles are a sturdy option that will last a long time. These soles are made out of rubber and feature a Duratread tread pattern that is great for rough terrain and inclement weather.


Cowboy boots are a stylish and functional piece of footwear that is essential to the cowboy lifestyle. These boots are made out of sturdy materials, such as leather and cork, that are meant to last. However, regular wear and tear can cause these materials to break down. Thankfully, you can easily resole your cowboy boots if they are showing signs of wear. While resoling cowboy boots isn’t a simple process, it’s worth it in the end. Not only does it extend the life of your boots, but it also saves you money. With a little bit of knowledge and a few tools, you can successfully resole your cowboy boots and keep them in great condition for years to come. When it comes to resoling your cowboy boots, you have a variety of options to choose from.

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