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Can Cowboy Boots get wet?

Warning! Cowboy Boots Are Not Waterproof

You may want to keep this one in mind the next time you’re browsing an online clothing store. A new survey revealed that many people mistakenly believe that cowboy boots are waterproof. In reality, no type of footwear is completely waterproof. Even rain boots or galoshes will eventually leak if they’re immersed in water long enough. Even without being immersed, exposure to moisture or water can have a negative impact on any pair of shoes. Moisture can cause leather and other materials to crack or deteriorate over time, which is why it’s important to take special care when wearing these types of shoes outside during wet weather. Read on for some helpful tips on how to keep your cowboy boots from becoming soggy squishy things after a rainy day.

Drying Out Is Essential

If your boots have gotten wet, the first order of business is to let them dry out. While they’re drying, be sure to keep them away from heat sources, as this can accelerate the process and lead to leather cracking and other damage. If the boots are covered in mud or other debris that can’t be wiped out, you’ll want to either hose them off outside (or in a place where the water can be directed away from the building) or take them to a dry cleaner for cleaning. Avoid cleaning them at home unless you’re willing to sacrifice a towel or other piece of clothing to do the job.

Protect With Shoe Care Products

If your boots have gotten a little wet, you can use a shoe or boot care product to help protect them. Look for a product that includes a water-repelling or water-blocking additive. If you don’t have access to such a product, there are a few other options: - Add an extra layer of protection between the boot and your foot by placing a boot liner or an insole between your foot and the boot. - Stuff the boots with newspaper or some other type of paper product to help soak up extra moisture and debris. - Line the inside of the boots with a clean cloth or other type of protective covering.

Rotate Out Your Boots

If all else fails and your boots do get wet, you might want to consider rotating them out with a pair of dry boots for a little while. Not only does this give your boots a chance to dry out, it also gives your other boots a chance to air out and dry in between uses. If you’ve been wearing the same pair of boots every day, bacteria, fungus, and mold spores can build up inside the boots over time. While these spores won’t pose a health issue if you wear the boots, they might lead to foot problems if you switch to a pair of boots that have been sitting in a moist environment for a long period of time.

Get A Grip With Foot Care Products

If your boots are still wet but aren’t covered in mud or other debris, try spraying them with a foot care product like mink oil. This will help enhance the water-resistant properties of the leather and help it retain its shape and flexibility, even when it’s wet. If you’re in a real pinch, you can also use a silicone-based product or a water-based conditioner on your boots. Just make sure the product you choose isn’t oil-based. These products are designed to help keep your feet dry and reduce foot odor, but they can be used on clothing as well. In fact, some companies also make boot spray products specifically designed to keep cowboy boots from becoming soggy squishy things.


Cowboy boots aren’t designed to keep your feet completely dry when it rains, but they can be made more water-resistant with the right type of maintenance. To keep your boots from becoming soggy squishy things, you’ll need to let them dry out, protect them with a water-repelling or water-blocking additive, rotate them out with a dry pair of boots, and get a grip with foot care products. Now that you know what you can do to keep your boots from becoming soggy squishy things, you can enjoy wearing them in rainy weather without worrying about them getting ruined.

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